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Emma (E)

The resident is not capable of performing daily activities independently or contributing to them actively. The assistance in this case will, without special precautions, result in a risk of physically overloading the carer. It is necessary to use equipment that eliminates this risk. The resident, in this case, cannot contribute actively to the movement. In Emma’s case it is no longer considered important to stimulate her to contribute to the movement and become active. In some cases, such as residents in the terminal stages of cancer or Alzheimer’s dementia, this active contribution may even have to be avoided or may be undesirable.  But, a resident who chooses to save his energy for visitors and remain passive during the care process can also be a representative of this ’Emma’ group. Promoting or stimulating mobility and activating the resident are no longer goals of the care plan. Providing optimum care and/or prevention of the complications of immobility, e.g. good skin care, are given priority. Transfers will in this case be performed with equipment such as a sling lift. The aim is to avoid complications caused by long-term confinement to bed and make her as comfortable as possible.

Passive resident
Might be almost completely bed ridden
Often stiff, contracted joints
Totally dependent
Physically demanding for carer
Stimulation and activation is not a primary goal

Products suitable for Emma are:

Lifting & Transfers
Maxi 500
Maxi Mini
Maxi Move
Maxi Roll
Maxi Sky 2 - NEW IN 2013
Maxi Sky 440
Maxi Sky 600
Maxi Transfer
Maxi Tube
Maxi Twin
Maxi Twin Compact
MaxiSlide - Sheet
MaxiSlide Flites
Hygiene Systems
Classic Line
Primo Ferro
Rhapsody & Primo
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