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Doris (D)

The resident is not capable of performing daily activities independently or to contribute to this actively in any substantial or reliable way. The assistance in this case will, without special precautions, result in a risk of physically overloading the carer. It is necessary to use equipment that eliminates this risk of overloading. The resident, in this case, can not contribute substantially to the movement. In spite of this, wherever, and whenever, possible, it remains important to activate these residents. The assistance provided in this case is, for example, transfers with a sling lift. An extra point to note is prevention of the risks associated with immobility, (e.g. provide good skin care). It is important to slow down deterioration of mobility.

Sits in wheelchair
No capacity to support herself at all
Cannot stand unsupported and is not able to bear weight, not even partially
Dependent on carer in most situations
Physically demanding for carer
Stimulation of remaining abilities is very important

Products suitable for Doris are:

Lifting & Transfers
Maxi 500
Maxi Mini
Maxi Move
Maxi Roll
Maxi Sky 2 - NEW IN 2013
Maxi Sky 440
Maxi Sky 600
Maxi Transfer
Maxi Tube
Maxi Twin
Maxi Twin Compact
MaxiSlide - Sheet
MaxiSlide Flites
Hygiene Systems
Classic Line
Parker Bath
Primo Ferro
Rhapsody & Primo
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