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Carl (C)

The resident is not capable of performing daily activities without assistance, but is able to contribute to the action or perform part of the action independently. The assistance would, if given without special precautions, lead to the risk of physically overloading the carer. The resulting load for the carer would be in excess of safe limits for manual handling or static loads. In these cases it is necessary to use equipment that will reduce the exposure of the carer to safe levels. At the same time, these residents are able to actively contribute to the movement and it is important for the resident to maintain or improve this capacity as much as possible. The assistance given in these instances is, for example, transfers using a standing and raising aid. It is important to stimulate remaining capacity and slow down deterioration of mobility.

• Sits in wheelchair
• Is able to partially bear weight on at least one leg
• Has some trunk stability
• Dependent on carer in most situations
• Physically demanding for carer
• Stimulation of remaining abilities is very important

Products suitable for Carl are:

Lifting & Transfers
Maxi Mini
Maxi Roll
Maxi Transfer
Maxi Tube
MaxiSlide - Sheet
MaxiSlide Flites
Sara 3000
Sara Lite
Sara Plus
Sara Stedy
Hygiene Systems
Calypso Classic
Calypso PUR
Classic Line
Freedom Bath
Parker Bath
Primo Ferro
Rhapsody & Primo
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