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Cots and Cribs


Childminder 31300E/L Childs Cot

The Childminder™ 31300E/L has been designed with features to assist the care of younger patients effectively and safely in a wide variety of settings. Electrically powered height adjustment, enables the carer to effortlessly raise or lower the cot to an ideal working height, as a result of which moving and handling risks through bending, stooping and twisting, all known to be major causes of back injury, are virtually eliminated.

Childminder 31300 Childs Cot

The Childminder™ 31300 Fixed Height Childs Cot has been designed to allow nursing staff to cater for their young patients effectively and safely. Even without the additional variable height versatility of the 31300EL version, the 31300 model is still packed with features to provide excellent clinical support for the paediatric patient.

Childminder 31330 Infants Cot

The Childminder™ 31330 Infants Cot is suitable for nursing children up to about 7 months old. The cot includes safe, simple and sensible features such as fully lowering safety sides and tamper-resistant catches.

Babycare 34200 Crib Trolley

All Maternity Units need a supply of infant cribs that are proven, reliable, durable and safe. The Babycare™ range of crib trolleys has been designed to fulfil all of these criteria. At the head of the range, the Babycare 34200 Crib Trolley, with it’s full width storage cupboard, combines ease-of-use with a range of features and storage options, providing an invaluable asset for baby, mother and carer in any Maternity Unit.

Babycare 34020 Crib Trolley

In situations where fuller storage facilities are not required, the versatile Babycare™ 34020 Crib Trolley includes two storage units that swing out for access to the compartments, and can be stored under the crib when not in use.

Babycare 34000 Crib Trolley

When all you want is a simple yet functional crib without any storage, the Babycare™ 34000 Crib Trolley is the solution.

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