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Sliding Aids


MaxiSlide Flites

MaxiSlide Flites™ are premium patient specific disposable sliding sheets and tubes. They are a combination of two proven concepts, MaxiSlide and Flites, and made of a strong, ultra low-friction material, with the same excellent gliding properties on both sides and in both directions. MaxiSlide Flites are ideal for ergonomic lateral transfers and patient repositioning.


MaxiOnce is a single use disposable sliding aid designed to meet the needs and challenges of hospital areas with high patient turnover and high demand on infection control.

MaxiSlide - Sheet

MaxiSlides offers a complete range of low-friction sliding sheets and tubes, which is all that is required to safely perform a wide variety of manoeuvres, such as lateral transfers and repositioning residents in bed.

Maxi Mini

Maxi Mini is one part of Maxi Slide sliding sheet range. Which is unique ergonomically deisgned device having ultra-low friction properties.

Maxi Transfer

Sitting a resident up, moving them up the bed, helping them to sit on the edge of the bed and turning them from one side to the other these kind of tasks can all be carried out easily and with minimum stress using Maxi Transfer.

Maxi Roll

Using Maxi Roll is a fast and convenient solution for many handling situations including common bedside activities such as moving, turning or sitting up the patient. Routines involving lateral transfers and patient repositioning can be performed safely and efficiently.

Maxi Tube

Carers spend a large part of their working day transferring or repositioning patients. Maxi Tube helps carers to carry out these frequent tasks in an easier and safer way, without the stress and strain associated with manual handling.

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