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Passive Floor Lifts


Maxi Move

A mobile passive lifter for demanding care environments
Maxi Move™, the most complete mobile lifter system available, is a proven success in care environments around the world. 
ArjoHuntleigh has now enhanced Maxi Move to make it an even greater asset for healthcare settings of all types.

Maxi Twin

Open up new possibilities for improved care
Maxi Twin™, a passive sling lifter, has a unique open, twin-mast design that offers exceptional legroom for the resident and excellent ergonomic operation and manoeuvrability for the carer.
The modern, open design enables unprecedented eye contact between carer and resident.

Maxi Twin Compact

Maxi Twin Compact™ is a passive sling lifter that provides big benefits in small spaces.
It is the world’s smallest passive lifter capable of offering both a Safe Working Load (160 kg) applicable to most residents, and a high lifting stroke that enables safe lifting of residents from the floor.


A versatile resident lift for small care facilities
Minstrel is a dependable and versatile resident lift designed for small care facilities that can be used in everyday lifting and transfer routines.
Not for sale in the US


The bariatric mobile lift
Lifting heavier people has become a much bigger issue in our hospitals and care facilities today. The Tenor™ system, comprising of a bariatric mobile lift and optimised sling solution, can perform a wide range of tasks – transfers, repositioning and emergency floor lifts – in bariatric resident handling.

Maxi 500

Full undivided attention while lifting
Combines classic lifting technology with the latest standards in safety, security and comfort. Incorporating a full range of head and body support slings.

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