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Mattress Replacement


Nimbus Professional

The Nimbus® Professional system is the ultimate pressure redistributing mattress in the Nimbus range, offering best of class dynamic therapy and total patient management within any care setting. From Intensive Care to Extended Care across both Medical and Surgical ward settings, the Nimbus Professional system delivers a proven solution with the ability to uniquely customise the therapy surface to a range of patient management needs.


Acer® is a portable mattress replacement system for the critical care setting. Indicated for patients at risk from the complications of immobility including conditions associated with acute respiratory failure. A dedicated low air loss system for the treatment and prevention of pressure ulcers, featuring up to 80 degrees continuous bilateral/unilateral rotation.


The Oasis® fluidised bead bed system is designed for patients with critical care needs, not necessarily related to a pressure sore risk category. Injuries such as burns or other exudating wounds may benefit from air fluidised therapy by reducing skin maceration and helping to manage incontinence. The system also allows patients to be repositioned more easily.

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