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Mattress Overlays



The Breeze® Low Air Loss Mattress Overlay System provides excellent pressure reduction for patients assessed to be up to a very high risk of developing pressure ulcers or with existing tissue damage.

Auto Logic 110

Fully automatic pressure relieving and pressure reducing Mattress Overlay system. 2 modes of operation – Alternating and Constant Low Pressure. Additional Battery operation for active therapy during transport. Part of 24 hour pressure relieving range.

Alpha Response

The Alpha Response™ system is a semi-automatic pressure redistribution solution, offering excellent clinical outcomes1, lower risk and value for money. The system is suitable for a wide range of care settings from general ward and acute care to private or nursing home care.

Alpha Trancell

The Alpha Trancell® pressure relieving one piece mattress overlay system is ideal for those assessed to be at low to medium risk of developing pressure ulcers. The new design is unlike any other one piece overlay. The difference is effective pressure relief, with comfort and durability at a price you can afford. An ideal first line of defence against pressure ulcers.

Alpha Active 3

The Alpha Active® 3 pressure redistributing mattress overlay system has been designed for the prevention and management of pressure ulcers. The system has been designed to offer a cost effective solution suitable for home and community care settings.


The ConformX® overlay is part of ArjoHuntleighs visco-elastic (or memory) foam range. The memory-foam technology allows the mattress to contour around the shape of the body by adjusting to body heat and hence it provides excellent pressure redistribution.


The Pentaflex® mattress is ArjoHuntleighs bestselling foam mattress. Patients have commented that it is one of the most comfortable mattresses. The Pentaflex overlay is made of high density foam which has excellent durable and recovery characteristics that provide long term product performance and extend product life.

The castellations of variable depths (covering head, shoulder, torso, calves and heels; creating 5 zones of protection) maximise support and pressure reduction.


The Simulflex™ range is the introductory level foam range with a very competitive clinical performance.

With its horizontal cuts, the mattress is particularly suitable for protection over bony prominences. Smaller cuts in the heel and head zone make it extra comfortable, protecting sensitive areas.

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