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Mattress Replacement


Nimbus Professional

The Nimbus® Professional system is the ultimate pressure redistributing mattress in the Nimbus range, offering best of class dynamic therapy and total patient management within any care setting. From Intensive Care to Extended Care across both Medical and Surgical ward settings, the Nimbus Professional system delivers a proven solution with the ability to uniquely customise the therapy surface to a range of patient management needs.

Nimbus 4

The Nimbus® 4 system combines automatic adjustment of cell pressures, Heelguard™ and unique Vent Valve technology. Providing effective pressure relief and enhanced solutions to a wide range of patient management issues, the Nimbus 4 system can help reduce nursing time, improve patient and carer safety and provide clinical and cost effective outcomes.

Nimbus 3

Nimbus Dynamic Flotation Systems have been clinically proven over 15 years to be one of the most efficient, comfortable and cost effective pressure redistributing mattress replacement systems used in hospitals and nursing homes throughout the world.


The Breeze® Low Air Loss Mattress Replacement and Mattress Overlay Systems provide excellent pressure reduction for patients assessed to be up to a very high risk of developing pressure ulcers or with existing tissue damage.


The Bari-Breeze® Low Air Loss (LAL) Mattress Replacement system is a support surface designed to assist clinicians with the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers in patients weighing up to 455kg (1000lbs).

Auto Logic

The Auto Logic® 200 Mattress Replacement and Auto Logic 110 Overlay Systems are part of the Logic Range. Leading edge technology provides an automatic, self setting mattress replacement or overlay and cushion combination with Active Transport.

Alpha Response

The Alpha Response™ system is a semi-automatic pressure redistribution solution, offering excellent clinical outcomes, lower risk and value for money. The system is suitable for a wide range of care settings from general ward and acute care to private or nursing home care.

Alpha Trancell Deluxe

The Alpha Trancell® Deluxe systems offer highly effective alternating pressure redistribution in a low cost, simple to use package. Using a clinically proven 10 minute cycle and a carefully calibrated pressure control on the pump, the Alpha Trancell Deluxe Mattress Replacement, Overlay and seating systems are effective tools for the prevention of pressure ulcers and in the management of superficial tissue damage.

Alpha Active 4

Designed for the prevention and management of pressure ulcers, the Alpha Active® 4 pressure redistributing mattress replacement system is suitable for a range of care environments, including home and community care settings.

Flexible Therapy System™ Mattress

The new Flexible Therapy System (FTS) is suitable for the prevention and/or management of pressure ulcers, including superficial ulcers, when combined with an individualised, comprehensive pressure ulcer protocol.


ArjoHuntleigh has identified an urgent need for an effective pressure reducing trolley mattress replacement system to provide an ideal support surface for those patients having to lie on a trolley.


Keeping in mind patient comfort and pressure ulcer management, ArjoHuntleigh has specifically developed the ConformX® system. A premium quality foam mattress, seat cushion and overlay, the ConformX system offers 24 hour patient support. The ConformX system features visco-elastic foam. This memory-foam technology allows the mattress to contour around the shape of the body by adjusting to body heat and hence it provides excellent pressure redistribution.



Developed for hospitals, nursing homes and community care environments, the Pentaflex® system consists of a foam mattress; a bariatric mattress, overlay, seat cushion and a squab, providing a 24 hour care solution. The Pentaflex mattress is ArjoHuntleighs best selling foam mattress. Overall, it is the ideal foam mattress for general use.


The Simulflex™ system has been developed to provide an introductory level, cost effective 24 hour solution. The system includes a pressure redistributing foam mattress replacement, overlay and seat cushion. With its horizontal cuts the mattress is particularly suitable for protection over bony prominences. Smaller cuts in the heel and head zone make it extra comfortable and provide protection for sensitive areas.

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