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Comfort Delux Slings

These slings are designed to give greater comfort to the patient. We have increased the leg padding area to encompass the hip and bottom, and have also removed the binding around the legs to make the edging softer.

Standing and Raising Slings

Designed for use with specific standing and raising aids. They are intended not only to provide support for standing safely, but also as far as possible to promote active participation by the patient in standing movement.

ArjoHuntleigh Flites

ArjoHuntleigh Flites are a revolutionary new sling concept, designed to meet the needs and challenges of today’s hospitals and acute care environments. Quality patient care is key and so ArjoHuntleigh Flites are patient specific, designed to accompany a patient during their stay, ensuring a hygienic, comfortable and secure lift.

Bariatric Slings

Depending on the body shape of the resident/patient, four types of slings are available. Extra padded for more comfort and less pressure, with or without reinforced stitching, hammock sling with or without diveded legs.

Tailor made slings

Although the standard sling range covers many patients’ needs, we recognise that individual factors – height, body weight distribution, physical condition – may require a customised solution. ArjoHuntleigh has the expertise to modify all aspects of its slings – materials, size and special features – to create the optimum sling for a particular patient. The Tailor Made Sling Service has already designed over 2,000 customised slings.

Loop Slings

Loop slings are widely used at care facilities. Loop slings are used on 2-point or 4-point loop spreader bars. The slings are intended for everyday patient handling routines. A variety of loop slings are available, for general purpose with- or without head support, toilet sling, low-back sling, amputee sling and mesh sling for showering or bathing.

Clip Slings

Clip slings are developed by ArjoHuntleigh and have been a proven element in sling lifters for many years. Clip slings are used in combination with the 4-point DPS (Dynamic Positioning System) spreader bars which offers a more comfortable reclined position in the sling and a more even distribution of the patient’s weight.

Walking Jacket

The Walking Jacket™ can be easily used by a patient sitting in a chair, avoiding the chance of a potentially hazardous manual handling situation.

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