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Hygiene Lifters



The ergonomic lift bath trolley with Power Drive
Power Drive is just one of the powered features that make this lift bath trolley the safest and most comfortable solution for dependent residents. Using Miranti™, the carer can perform the entire bathing cycle with minimum physical effort.

A reliable lift bath trolley for everyday routines
Using this lift bath trolley, one carer can safely bring dependent residents from bed to bath and back again without manual lifting or extra transfers. The resident remains on the trolley during the whole sequence.

The most advanced lift hygiene chair available
This battery-powered, height-adjustable lift hygiene chair acts as a safe and comfortable seating solution for semi-dependent residents during all stages of the bathing cycle. It is designed to allow one carer to handle the entire procedure.

Calypso Classic
An easy to use lift hygiene chair
Designed for semi-dependent residents, this lift hygiene chair provides secure and comfortable support, allowing a single carer to easily manage the transport and transfers involved in hygiene routines.

Calypso PUR

Calypso with a new comfortable PUR seat
The Calypso™ is a lift hygiene chair that has been developed to prevent back injuries to nursing staff due to lifting or manual handling of residents.

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