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Central bathing area


The key-hole shaped sit bath system
This proven space-saving system has been improved with new features and a key-hole shape tub to enhance immersion, comfort, accessibility and ease of operation. These enhancements make it the best sit bath available.

Parker Bath
A highly efficient solution for assisted bathing
With its reclining design, Parker® provides a streamlined, labour-saving, time-efficient bathing cycle with integrated disinfection. The latest version offers new features to further enhance ease of operation and the bathing experience.

Rhapsody & Primo

Customised solutions for the entire bathing cycle
ArjoHuntleigh offers the most flexible bathing system on the market. The integrated tub and transport solutions are matched to resident mobility levels. Customised systems ensure safety and comfort for resident and carer throughout the bathing cycle.

Classic Line

Affordable access to assisted bathing
Classic Line™ is a height adjustable tub that allows carers to work at the correct working height, and is designed to accommodate all levels of resident mobility.

An effective cleaning system to combat cross infection
Wall-mounted for ease of use, this system cleans and disinfects bathing and showering systems, and thus actively reduces the risk of cross infection in hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare facilities.
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