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Bathing Liquids


Arjo Bath Oil & skin Conditioner

Bath Oil & Skin Conditioner- Locks moisture in the skin during bathingARJO Oil from ArjoHuntleigh is a multipurpose product - it is a bath oil, a skin conditioner and it can also be used directly on the skin to treat minor conditions. After a bath there is no need to apply a body lotion - the residents skin is already soft and supple!

Arjo Shampoo & Body Wash

Shampoo & Body Wash
ARJO Care from ArjoHuntleigh is a shampoo and body wash which cleanses the skin and hair gently but thoroughly. The product contains three conditioning and moisturising agents which conditions the hair and moisturises the skin while cleansing.

Arjo Sound

Water Conditioner- Enhances the hydrosound effect Arjo Sound™ from ArjoHuntleigh is a water additive designed to make hydrosound even more effective - an advanced formula for an advanced bathing concept. This bath additive also contains an effective antimicrobial agent to prevent bacterial growth and ingredients to control odour.

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