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Combining cross-infection, simply & effectively
Ninjo™ flusher and disinfector is available as a freestanding or under counter model. Combined with the choice of polymeric material or stainless steel for chamber or outer casing, this creates a wide range to suit specific needs.


The high performance flexible flusher disinfector
Tornado is a front-loaded flusher disinfector delivering excellent performance in the emptying, cleaning and thermal disinfection of bedpans, urine bottles and commode buckets


A fully automatic bedpan washer disinfector
Typhoonis a bedpan washer for the hygienic handling of reusable items such as bedpans, urine bottles, suction bottles and buckets. The machine offers fully automatic rapid and effective cleaning and disinfection


Top-loaded Flusher Disinfector
Amigo™ is an exceptionally easy-to-use top-loaded flusher disinfector with an integrated slop basin.

GETINGE Clean flusher liquids

Some innovators develop machines, other innovators develop detergents. Getinge’s innovators develop both, ensuring that machines, processes and detergents work together to consistently produce ISO-assured results. Getinge/ArjoHuntleigh also provide expert consultation services to help you optimize your cleansing processes, enhance operational efficiency and as well as minimizing operational costs. For advice and support, please contact your ArjoHuntleigh representative.

Soiled Utility Rooms
The soiled utility room should be equipped with a collecton point for soiled goods, a hand basin, a flusher disinfector, and a storage location for clean goods. These are the the four cornerstones neccessary in order to maintain working routines for good hygiene - clean hands on clean goods.
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