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Lifting & Transfers

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Ceiling Lifts
In facilities where space is limited, a ceiling lift may be the best solution for residents with less mobility. ArjoHuntleigh provides installations with permanent tracks for repeated transfers, as well as a mobile gantry for occasional use together with a portable ceiling lift.
Passive Floor Lifts
The passive floor lifts are designed to assist residents with less mobility and can be used on either side of the bed. The adjustable chassis width makes it possible for the chassis to negotiate any obstacles under the bed, which keeps manoeuvring space to a minimum.
Standing & Raising Aids
Standing and raising aids enable residents to be raised for transfer from a bed, chair or wheelchair. They are ideal for use with residents having difficulties getting up into a standing position and promote their mobility.
Slings & Spreader Bars
A variety of spreader bars gives you multiple choices when lifting and transfering a patient. Depending on the patients mobility as well as the purpose of the lifting manoeuver, you can specifically tailor your lift.
Sliding Aids
Carers spend a large part of their working day transferring or repositioning patients. Maxi Slide helps carers to carry out these frequent tasks in an easier and safer way, without the stress and strain associated with manual handling.
Compression Stocking Aids

The struggle to apply or remove patients’ compression stockings is a major source of physical strain for carers. Easy Slides are simple-to-use aids designed to minimize problems associated with application and removal of compression stockings. Easy Slides make compression stocking procedures smooth, fast and efficient.

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