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Hygiene Systems

Daily Hygiene

The ArjoHuntleigh range of shower, toilet and washbasin products enables safe, efficient daily hygiene routines for the full spectrum of resident mobility. Easy-to-use equipment provides a degree of support and activation matched to the resident’s mobility level and ensures ergonomic conditions for the carer.

ArjoHuntleigh bathing systems make the benefits of bathing accessible for all residents. Complete, integrated solutions for transport, transfers and bathing are designed for specific resident mobility levels and provide ergonomic conditions for carers.
Burns Treatment
Water can deliver a cooling effect on burns or warm up stiff joints and sore muscles. Stainless steel tubs guard against bacterial growth inside and out of the tub - from easy-to-clean surfaces to internal pipes and pumps.
Liquids from ArjoHuntleigh are designed to optimise system performance. Bathing Liquids maximise a bathing system’s role in promoting good hygiene and skincare, while Product Care Liquids ensure optimum performance from bathing systems and flusher disinfectors.
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