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Childminder 31300 Childs Cot

The Childminder™ 31300 Fixed Height Childs Cot has been designed to allow nursing staff to cater for their young patients effectively and safely. The 31300 model is packed with features to provide excellent clinical support, without the additional variable height versatility of the electric version, yet provides a pleasant and safe environment for the child.

Standard Features

  • Easy to operate two-way platform tilt (12º head down, 8º foot down)
  • Head and foot ends that are easily removed independently of the cot sides
  • Reduced (60mm (2.5 “)) vertical rail spacing designed to minimize entrapment risks
  • Three different cot side positions
  • Cot sides secured at all positions with a tamper-resistant catches
  • 100mm (4 “) diameter castors, two with ‘kick-stop’ type brake which, when engaged, secure the position of the cot
  • Range of mattresses and accessories available
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