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An efficient shower and procedure trolleyIn conjunction with the Shower Panel, Concerto™ enables safe and comfortable showering routines for the most dependent residents.

The resident lies comfortably on the stretcher throughout transport and showering.

Key points

  • The height-adjustable Concerto is designed for comfort and safety with a soft, wide mattress and sturdy trolley construction.
  • Concerto can also serve as a nursing table.
  • It is available in three different lengths and in battery-powered or manual versions.

System integration
The complete Concerto concept includes integration with the Shower Panel to create a smooth and stress-free showering system. It also integrates with our ceiling lifts as well as the from ArjoHuntleigh sling lifts.

Enhancing lives
Concerto can enhance quality of life by making safe and dignified showering easily accessible.

Making tasks easier and safer
Dependent residents can be transferred from bed to shower and back again in a safe sequence that involves no manual lifting.

Improving care and efficiency
Concerto provides the most efficient and dignified method for regular showering of the most dependent residents. The whole procedure is manageble by a single carer but two carers are recommended for optimal efficiency.

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