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AtmosAir™ Fit MRS with Self Adjusting Technology™


The AtmosAir Fit MRS with Self Adjusting Technology offers continuous pressure redistribution for patients up to 1,000 lbs. 9 air cylinders provide extra support and comfort in mid to lower back and buttocks area where patients are most at risk for breakdown.
Features & benefits
The AtmosAir Fit MRS with Self Adjusting Technology offers features and benefits designed to help treat and prevent skin breakdown and reduce patient and caregiver risks associated with bariatric care, including:
  • Pressure redistribution therapy helps in prevention and treatment of skin breakdown
  • Sloped heel section with soft vicso-elastic foam helps transfer weight off the heels
  • Dartex fabric with multidirectional stretch helps reduce skin shear and friction, helps minimize potential risks from cross-contamination and provides a barrier to virus and bacteria.
  • Mattress expandability from 36" to 42" to 48" allows customization of width for patient comfort while maintaining dignity and ease of patient transfers
  • 1,000 lb. weight capacity accommodates high patient weight capacity in both static and turning positions
Product Usage

  • Large patients weighing up to 1,000 lbs.
  • Large patients at risk for pressure ulcers
  • Large patients requiring daily weight monitoring
  • The prevention and treatment of skin breakdown
  • Total weight in excess of 1,000 lbs. (including accessories)
  • Unstable vertebral fracture
  • Unstable cervical and skeletal traction
Use of Side Rails and Restraints
Use or non-use of restraints, including side rails, can be critical to patient safety. Consider not only the clinical and other needs of the patient but also the risks of death or serious injury from falling out of bed and from patient entrapment in or around the Side Rails, restraints or other accessories.
Consider the use of bolsters, positioning aids, floor pads or OURPadded Side Rail Accessories, especially with confused, restless or agitated patients. Make sure a capable patient knows how to get out of bed safely (and, if side rails are used, how to release them) in case of an emergency. Monitor patients frequently to guard against patient entrapment and migration.
WARNING: Serious injury or death can result from the use (potential entrapment) or non-use (potential patient falls) of side rails or other restraints.

Please see product labeling and instructions for use for risks, precautions and safety information specific to a particular product prior to use.


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