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BariMaxx™ II Power Drive System


Designed to provide power-assisted transport to the BariMaxx II Therapy System, the BariMaxx II Power Drive System helps reduce the risks of bariatric patient handling and transport.
Features & benefits
The BariMaxx II Power Drive System offers features and benefits designed to enable a single caregiver to safely transport a bariatric patient throughout the hospital.
  • Battery-powered operation powers the drive wheels and bed frame functions up to 2 hours
  • Single person operation provides ease of use
  • Two-handed controls are designed for ease in control and movement
  • Multiple safety features help prevent unauthorized start up
  • Variable speed controls provide customized patient transport
  • Integrated horn provides audible alert during transport
  • Easy maneuvering with minimal turning radius enables driving up ramps and down inclines
  • Audible low battery alarm alerts user to plug bed into wall socket
Product Usage
  • Steep Slopes - When operating on slopes, always use slow speed. Do not operate on slopes in excess of ADA recommended guidelines. (generally > 7° slope)
  • Wet Surfaces - Do not operate power drive system on wet surfaces.
  • Indoor Use Only - Do not operate power drive on outside walkways, ramps or parking lots.
  • Unplug - Ensure power cord is unplugged from wall and properly stored before transport.
  • Clear Area - Ensure area beneath power drive system is clear before lowering bed.
  • Avoid Trapping People - Ensure there is space to operate before forward or reverse movement. Take caution in crowded areas to prevent trapping a patient or caretaker between bed frame and wall, furniture, equipment, or other objects.
  • Crowded Areas - Operate with caution in crowded hallways, elevators and rooms.
  • Navigate Slowly - Switch to slow speed when moving bed around corners and through elevators and rooms.
  • Tight Maneuvers - To direct bed around tight corners release drive controls, raise bed slightly and manually turn bed.
  • Automatic Brakes - When the Run switch or Accelerator switch is released, the power drive system will stop; brakes are automatically engaged to prevent continued movement.

Please see product labeling and instructions for use for risks, precautions, warnings and detailed operating instructions prior to use.


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