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RIK™ Fluid Overlay


The RIK™ Fluid Overlay is specifically designed to help manage the primary causes of pressure ulcer formation – pressure and shear.
Features & benefits
The RIK Fluid Overlay offers features and benefits specifically designed to help manage pressure and shear, including:
  • Easy attachment to any mattress
  • Eliminates noise, heat and power consumption
  • Self-adjusting during patient repositioning, reducing the problem of bottoming out
  • Minimized patient sliding through fluid and anti-shear layers
  • Multi-layer cover system for state-of-the-art infection control and maceration reduction
  • Unique Microflow fluid has no “memory” to help ensure pressure redistribution and patient comfort
Product Usage

  • Patients at risk of pressure ulcers as well as management of Stage I, II, III or IV pressure ulcers
  • Unstable cervical, thoracic and/or lumbar fracture
  • Cervical traction

Please see product labeling and instructions for use for risks, precautions, warnings and detailed operating instructions prior to use.


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