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Spirit Select™ and AtmosAir™ 9000 Therapeutic Bed System

Combining the Carroll Hospital Group Spirit Select™ Bed with our AtmosAir™ 9000 Mattress Replacement System (MRS) offers a therapeutic bed system for med-surg patients that helps address important safety, skin integrity and infection control concerns. A low-to-floor bed with an integrated bed exit alarm and nightlight can minimize patients’ risk of fall-related injuries. The Self Adjusting Technology™ (SAT™) featured in the AtmoAir 9000 MRS provides a non-powered pressure-redistribution surface to help prevent pressure ulcers. Both bed and mattress provide features to help with infection control.

Features & benefits
The Spirit Select and AtmosAir 9000 Therapeutic Bed System offers features and benefits designed to help prevent fall-related injuries and pressure ulcers, including:
Spirit Select Bed
  • Ultra low height of 10" from the floor allows patient to enter and exit the bed easily, helping reduce the risk of injury from falls
  • Equipped with standard hospital bed features for use in acute care facilities
  • Bed exit alarm allows staff to monitor patient exit activity through three sensitivity zones and a variety of alarm chime settings
  • Bed exit nightlight automatically turns on during patient exit and stays on until patient returns to bed
  • Built-in scale weighs patient, reducing patient handling and lifting
  • Weight-change alarm notifies staff when patient’s weight decreases or increases
  • Underbed obstruction sensor detects when an obstruction is underneath the bed and prevents lowering of bed
  • Short head rail does not block hip, allowing patient to pivot when exiting bed, and eases patient transfers
  • Ergonomic siderails are easy to grip and positioned to provide assistance during transfers
  • Siderails, headboard and footboard contain an antimicrobial that is effective against MRSA and e-coli (Data on file at Carroll Hospital Group. Based on in vitro testing)
  • Detachable mattress deck permits easy and thorough cleaning of entire surface; fiber-composite material reduces moisture build-up
  • Easy-to-use patient controls with lock-out feature for patient safety
  • Central lock-and-steer braking system controls all four casters via two foot-pedals, located at the head-end and foot-end of the bed
  • Emergency battery back-up system enables bed functions during power outages and transport
  • Safety-at-a-glance feature ensures proper bed settings are activated
  • Compatible with AtmosAir 9000 and First Step Select Mattress Replacement Systems

AtmosAir 9000 MRS
  • Self Adjusting Technology (SAT) provides customized, self-adjusting pressure redistribution to help prevent pressure ulcers by relieving pressure, shear and friction
  • Full body support provided with nine, horizontal air cylinders that support shoulders, torso, sacrum, legs and heels
  • Continuous non-powered therapy delivers uninterrupted pressure redistribution even during electrical power failure
  • Firm perimeter helps reduce migration in bed and provides added protection from falls
  • Breathable, durable material helps manage skin moisture
  • Bactericidal core material helps prevent contamination
  • Mattress cleaning only requires wipe-down with 1:100 dilution of chlorine bleach for infection control
Product Usage

Spirit Select Bed
  • Patient weighing up to 500 lbs.
  • Patient at risk for falls
AtmosAir 9000 Mattress Replacement System
  • Patient weighing up to 500 lbs.
  • Patient at risk for pressure ulcers
Spirit Select Bed
  • Patient weighing over 500 lbs.
  • Patient in maternity or birthing units
AtmosAir 9000 Mattress Replacement System
  • Patient weighing over 500 lbs.
  • Unstable cervical, thoracic and/or lumbar fracture
  • Cervical traction


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