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AtmosAir™ Apod™ 25A

The AtmosAir™ Apod™ 25A Mattress Replacement System utilizes an “open-pressurized”, Self-Adjusting Technology™ (SAT™) system consisting of four cylinders and 25 air pods in the pressure-sensitive torso section. Therapy performance of the Apod 25A is enhanced with the addition of a manifold system and an air pump to provide alternating pressure on demand.

Features & benefits
The AtmosAir Apod 25A Mattress Replacement System offers advanced features and benefits to provide clinically effective pressure redistribution and optimized patient comfort, including:
  • Alternating pressure helps to enhance capillary blood flow and lymph flow
  • Twenty-five air pods offer an advanced support mattress providing enhanced dynamic pressure redistribution on either side of the patient as well as under shoulders, torso and seat
  • Self-Adjusting Technology helps maximize body weight displacement and minimize tissue interface pressure by automatically reacting to body movement, altitude and temperature by adjusting the internal air pressure
  • Compression Channel Technology helps to provide additional protection against pressure and shearing forces through scientifically engineered compression channels
  • Firm perimeter provides seating support for the caregiver or patient
  • Sloped heel section helps to transfer weight off of the delicate heel and onto the calf and thigh area of the leg
  • Resilitex™ foam, manufactured in a vacuum chamber, helps lower heel pressures due to super-soft foam
Product Usage
  • For the prevention or treatment of pressure ulcer
  • Unstable cervical, thoracic and/or lumbar fracture
  • Cervical traction

Please see product labeling and instructions for use for risks, precautions, warnings and detailed operating instructions prior to use.


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