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First Step All In One™

By offering three therapies in a single system, the First Step All In One™ Mattress Replacement System is designed to help caregivers manage multiple conditions in high-acuity patients. Offering the unique patient profile adaptability of low air loss therapy with Smart Surface Technology™ (SST™), as well as turning therapy and pulsation therapy, the First Step All In One Mattress Replacement System helps provide an ideal skin environment.

Features & benefits
The First Step All In One Mattress Replacement System offers features and benefits to deliver clinically and cost-effective solutions to help maintain tissue viability in high-risk patients:
  • Optimized low air loss therapy conforms to bony prominences, helping to minimize tissue deformation and pressure-induced discomfort
  • Pulsation therapy mimics the body’s natural movements to help improve blood flow for increased oxygenation to the skin and reduced edema
  • Turning therapy constantly changes pressure points to reduce interference pressure while allowing easier and safer patient handling compared to manual turning
  • GORE® Medical Fabric helps maintain skin integrity by keeping it cool and dry while serving as an effective barrier to fluid and bacteria
  • Smart Surface Technology employs infrared light emitters and receivers that continuously measure the patient’s depth of immersion to create a customized pressure profile for each patient
  • Eight-inch air suspension depth for enhanced patient immersion
Product Usage
  • For patients who would benefit from a pressure-distributing surface assisting in the prevention and treatment of skin breakdown
  • Not for patients using cervical traction or any patient suffering from unstable spinal cord injuries or unstable vertebral fracture. 

Please see product labeling and instructions for use for risks, precautions, warnings and detailed operating instructions prior to use.


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