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Babycare 34000 Crib Trolley

All Maternity/Neonatal units need a stock of infant cribs that are reliable, durable and safe. The Babycare™ range of crib trolleys has been designed to fulfil all of these criteria. When all you need is a simple yet functional crib without storage facilities offered by the 34200 or 34020 models, the Babycare 34000 Crib Trolley is an ideal solution.

Standard Features

  • Durable steel support framework
  • Crib made from clear, tough acrylic
  • Secure tilting facility, giving 8ş of foot-up and foot-down tilt
  • External bar for pushing the trolley
  • 75mm (3 “) diameter castors, two with ‘kick-stop’ type brake which, when engaged, secure the position of the trolley
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Optional foam mattress with waterproof cover
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