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Babycare 34200 Crib Trolley

All Maternity/Neonatal Units need a supply of infant cribs that are proven, reliable, durable and safe. The Babycare™ range of crib trolleys has been designed to fulfil all of these criteria. At the head of the range, the Babycare 34200 Crib Trolley, with full width storage cupboard, combines ease-of-use with a range of features, providing an invaluable asset for baby, mother and carer during those important first days.

Standard Features 

  • Durable steel support framework
  • Crib made from clear, tough acrylic
  • Secure tilting facility, giving 8ş of foot-up and foot-down tilt
  • Large full-width double locker, accessible through two doors at the front and large enough to store all the essentials for baby’s early care.
  • Fold-down sturdy flap at either end that serves as a light duty work surface
  • External bar for pushing the trolley
  • 75mm (3 “) diameter castors, two with ‘kick-stop’ type brake which, when engaged, secure the position of the trolley
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Optional Foam mattress with waterproof cover
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