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Childminder 31300E/L Childs Cot

With electrically powered height adjustment, the ChildMinder™ 31300E/L Child’s Cot enables carers to effortlessly position the patient surface at an optimum working height. As a result, moving and handling risks are greatly reduced, as bending, stooping and twisting, all known to be major causes of back injury, are virtually eliminated. Other features, based on the proven ChildMinder design, enhance clinical support, whilst optimizing patient safety.

Standard Features

  • Electrically powered height adjustment, via push button pendant handset
  • Secure, lockable storage compartment for the handset, preventing unauthorised use
  • Battery back-up in case of mains power failure
  • Easy to operate manual two-way platform tilt (12º head down, 8º foot down)
  • Reduced (60mm (2.5 “)) vertical rail spacing designed to minimize entrapment risks
  • Head and foot ends removable independently of the cot sides
  • Three different cot side positions
  • Cot sides firmly secured at all position with a tamper-resistant catches
  • Linked braking/steering castor system with 100mm (4 “) diameter twin-wheel castors for easy manouevrability
  • Dual-side drainage bag rails and tubes guides
  • Easy to clean
  • Range of accessories available, including standard foam mattress
  • Fully compatible with the NIMBUS® Paediatric Dynamic Mattress Replacement System from ArjoHuntleigh Therapy & Prevention Division
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