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BirthRight Delivery Bed

The Birthright Delivery Bed, with electric height and backrest adjustment, provides support for mother, and functionality for nursing staff throughout all stages of the birthing process. The bed converts quickly from a standard bed to a versatile delivery platform, and vice-versa. Complete with a comprehensive range of accessories storable away from the bed, the flexibility and ease-of-use offered by Birthright, make it a practical, cost-effective solution for the modern, progressive labour suite.

Standard Features

  • Safe Working Load 180 kg (392 lbs.).
  • Electrically operated height and backrest adjustment via push button handset
  • Battery back-up in the event of mains power failure
  • Dual-sided manual CPR levers
  • Easy-to-operate manual Trendelenburg tilt to 12º
  • Compact size to fit into small delivery rooms
  • Retractable platform, optimizing access to perineal area, mother and baby during delivery procedures
  • Wide choice of safe and comfortable positions that can be adopted during labour and delivery
  • Removable 2-part mattress, with perineal cut-out seat section
  • Adjustable safety sides
  • Central brake/steer castor system for optimum mobility/stability
  • Counterbalanced base
  • Comprehensive range of easy-to-fit accessories including adjustable leg rests, IV rod, hand grips, high and low foot supports, a removable step and a fluid collection bowl
  • Convenient storage for accessories, available as a trolley system or a wall-mounted rack
  • Removable, moulded head and foot panels
  • Easy to clean
  • Bright, modern appearance
  • Available options without accessories, or with any selected combination of accessories
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