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Contoura 1080

The Contoura® 1080 electrically operated bariatric bed range has been specifically designed for the care and support of patients who exceed the safe working load of standard beds. The bed has a maximum patient weight of 450 kg (71 stones/990 lbs.). Particular care has been taken in beds’ design, in order to create an appearance as close as possible to that of a standard, modern hospital bed.

The bed is available with (C1080 model) or without (C1000 model) a factory-fitted integral weighing facility, which will weigh up to 500kg, and is accurate to ± 500g. Weighing can be carried out with the bed in any position, and an ‘auto-compensation’ facility allows objects to be added to, or taken away from the bed without affecting the patient’s weight reading.

Standard Features

  • Safe Working Load 500 Kg (1,100 lbs.) Maximum Patient Weight 450 Kg (990 lbs.)
  • Electrically operated backrest, Auto-contour, height and knee-break adjustment
  • Fully electrically operated two-way tilt
  • Integral electronic weighing facility - accurate to +/- 500g
  • Battery back-up on all electrically powered movements
  • Cardiac chair position effortlessly achieved using the electric controls, offering cardio-pulmonary, gravitational and psychological benefits
  • Separate pendant type push button handsets for patient and carer
  • Electric Auto-CPR function
  • Function Lockouts
  • Safe calf section adjustment mechanism
  • Built-in bed extension with mattress retainer
  • Perforated sheet mattress platform
  • Integral folding safety sides, which can be angled outwards to 30º increasing the available in-bed platform width
  • Extra heavy duty central brake/steer castor system
  • Removable head and foot panels
  • Accessory sockets for IV rod etc.,
  • Accessories – IV Pole, Orthopaedic Fracture Frame (with optional weights set)
  • Flexible mattress options –
    Specially designed foam mattress, safe working load 450 kg (990 lbs.)
    Optional safety side pad system, and mattress extension squab
    ArjoHuntleigh ‘Bari-Breeze’ Low Air Loss powered Mattress Replacement System (SWL 455Kg (1000 lbs)
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