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Enterprise 1000

The Enterprise 1000 manually operated bed range has been designed for environments where electrically operated beds are not required or not suitable, yet still offers a range of flexible features and benefits, including:-

Variable height (hydraulic) or fixed height mattress platform provides flexible nursing and patient options
Adjustable four section or three section profiling positions optimizes patient comfort and pressure reduction
Robust design yet simple construction makes the bed easy clean and decontaminate
Castor options designed to make the beds easy to manoeuvre
Simplified construction/engineering ensures minimal preventative maintenance, and easier service maintenance

Standard Features

  • Safe working load of 200kg (440 lbs.)
  • Hydraulically operated variable height (Variable height bed)
  • Gas spring assisted backrest
  • Handle wound knee break (4 section bed)
  • Adjustable leg section (3 section bed) or calf section (4 section bed)
  • 12º Trendelenburg and 6º Reverse Trendelenburg tilt
  • Removable perforated steel platform sheets
  • Full width bed stripper
  • Dual-sided drainage bag rails
  • Moulded plastic removable head and foot panels
  • Moulded plastic base cover
  • Accessory sockets for IV pole etc.,
  • Linked braking/steering system
  • Optional integral folding safety sides
  • Full range of accessories available, and compatible with a range of Mattresses from the ArjoHuntleigh range
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