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Walking Jacket

The Walking Jacket has been designed to be used in conjunction with ArjoHuntleigh mobile lifts Tempo Combi and Opera and the ceiling lift system Maxi Sky.
It enables therapists and carers to effortlessly aid patients with standing, stepping and walking practice. Unisex in design, and available in seven sizes - from extra extra small to extra extra large - the Walking Jacket offers a simple, secure and comfortable solution to standing, stepping and walking problems.

Easy to useThe Walking Jacket can be easily applied to a patient sitting in a chair, avoiding the need for potentially hazardous manual handling. For maximum patient comfort it has been designed to put no excessive
pressure on the chest.

With patient security a top priority, once in a standing position the Walking Jacket is fully supportive in the event of a patient collapsing or losing balance. With its unique design features, the Walking Jacket is fully adjustable across the width and length to suit a variety of patient sizes and allows uninhibited walking action.

The Walking Jacket can also be used to effortlessly and securely support a patient whilst being positioned in a standing frame.

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