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4-point Spreader Bar (DPS)

This unique tilting spreader bar helps a single carer to manage many daily routines, such as lifting residents from bed, chair or floor, in an ergonomically sound way. Sling connection is via secure keyhole attachments, and a range of sling sizes and special-purpose designs are available to provide the optimum support for individual resident needs.

Dynamic Positioning System - DPS - provides a unique ability to alter a resident´s position and maximize their comfort and confidence during the lift transfer, without strain for the carer. Being able to recline the resident into a supine position provides good distribution of the body weight removing it from the vulnerable areas of the body, such as under the legs where friction and shearing forces are high.

The DPS also allows a resident to be sat upright and transferred properly into a chair. This accurate resident positioning system promotes good resident posture for patients who can be sitting out of bed for long periods.
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