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Using Easy Slides means carers can apply and remove compression stockings effortlessly and without strain.

The struggle to apply or remove patients’ compression stockings is a major source of physical strain for carers. As these routines are often performed frequently in carers’ daily work, repetition increases the risk of injury, especially to fingers and hands.

Now there is an easier way. Easy-Slides are simpleto use aids designed to minimize problems associated with application and removal of compression stockings. With the application aids, Easy-Slide and Easy-Slide-Caran, and Easy-Off, a removal aid, the Easy Slides range provides complete coverage for easier compression stocking routines.

Easy Slides are made from a smooth, specially-coated nylon material. Combined with a dual-layer design, this creates an ultra-smooth aid that significantly reduces friction. Less friction substantially decreases the physical strain of compression stocking routines for carers. The use of special rubber gloves is recommended in conjunction with Easy Slides, as this improves the grip on the stocking and further reduces the risk of finger strain.

Suitable for all wearers of compression stockings, Easy Slides can be used in a range of care environments such as long-term care facilities and hospitals. The products function successfully as patient-specific disposables.

Wherever they are used, Easy Slides transform difficult compression stocking procedures into smooth, fast and efficient routines that protect the carer from strain and improve the care experience for patients. The use of Easy Slides also prolongs the life of compression stockings.


Using Easy Slides brings benefits for the carer and patient, and efficiency gains for the care facility.

  • A simple-to-use solution
  • Substantial reduction of physical strain for the carer
  • An effortless and ergonomic alternative to traditional manual application and removal.
  • More comfortable and less stressful routines for the patient
  • Greater efficiency: Easy Slides save time and money
  • Durable, reusable products with a long service life
  • Extended life for compression stockings, which retain therapeutic compression longer.
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