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MaxiSlide Flites

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Lateral transfers and patient repositioning are frequent tasks in busy hospitals. Now there is a more efficient, more hygienic solution – MaxiSlide Flites™ . ArjoHuntleigh has combined two proven concepts, MaxiSlide and Flites, to create MaxiSlide Flites, the best patient specific disposable sliding aids.

Available as a sheet or tube, MaxiSlide Flites support smooth, efficient patient handling routines. As a patient specific product, MaxiSlide Flites offer the most convenient and efficient solution for busy care environments such as hospitals concerned about infection control.
MaxiSlide Flites offer several methods for performing smooth, efficient patient repositioning and lateral transfers; using sheets or a tube.
Key Features:
  • Strong ultra low-friction material
  • Excellent gliding properties on both sides and in both directions
  • Strong built-in handles and disposable pull straps
  • Patient identification tag and water dissolvable label
  • Full bed length, i.e no need to use an extension tube
  • Made from a biocompatibility tested, latex-free material
  • User friendly box design with open and close function
  • A convenient, cost-effective patient handling solution that combats cross-infections.


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