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MaxiSlide - Sheet

An easy to use lateral slide transfer device
This flat sheet sliding system is all that is required to perform a wide range of resident handling manoeuvres, simply and safely.

Key points

  • MaxiSlide is a sliding system that delivers all the advantages of low friction transfers, without the disadvantages of the traditional tube design.
  • The flat sheet design with ergonomic handles provides optimum support for a wide variety of manoeuvres, such as repositioning residents in bed.
  • It is particularly easy to put in place and remove from underneath the resident.

Enhancing lives
MaxiSlide is applicable in many resident handling situations, and can be used to help improve the quality of care for all members of the Mobility Gallery.

Making tasks easier and safer
Sitting a resident up, moving them up the bed, helping them to sit on the edge of the bed and turning them from one side to the other these kind of tasks can all be carried out easily and with minimum stress using MaxiSlide.

Improving care and efficiency
For many everyday resident handling routines, MaxiSlide can provide an efficient, fast and convenient solution.

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