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Increased comfort for the larger residentLifting heavier people has become a much bigger issue in our hospitals and care facilities today. The Tenor is a mobile lift which has been specifically designed to manage these types of residents. The lightweight aluminium structure provides a safe working load of 320kg (704 lbs).

Extra room for the larger resident has been built in to the design of the Tenor. The widely spaced shoulder attachment points on the spreader bar together with the extended boom length ensure that residents can be transferred in comfort and even repositioned through 360º if required for access to bed or chair.

The bariatric mobile lift With an optimum sling solution, the Tenor mobile lift creates an integrated lifting system for safer, gentler, more dignified handling matched to individual bariatric resident´s needs.

Key features

  • The Tenor has been designed in cooperation with residents and carers to meet the specific safety and comfort needs of bariatric care.
  • Lifting strength that residents and carers can trust. The lightweight aluminium structure provides a safe working load of 320 kg (704 lbs). Every Tenor is tested before shipment to lift weights over and above its safe working load.
  • The new bariatric sling range provides optimum support for different bariatric body shapes. Slings are attached to a new four-point spreader bar designed specifically to enhance comfort for bariatric residents.

Making tasks easier and safer
Carers and nurses should be able to work safely and ergonomically using mechanical aids and working methods optimised for bariatric care. Carers will recognise many aspects of the Tenor from working with other ArjoHuntleigh mobile lifts – easy to apply slings, simple handset control and ergonomically sound procedures. All types of bariatric sling are colour-coded to make size selection as easy as possible.

Improving efficiency
The Tenor is a highly efficient solution for transferring and positioning bariatric residents. The combination of the new four-point spreader bar’s widely spaced shoulder attachment points and the extended boom length ensures that residents can be transferred in comfort and repositioned, if required, through 360º for access to bed, chair or wheelchair. One major advantage of the Tenor system is its mobility – it can provide good coverage in bariatric care, as it can be easily moved to wherever it is needed.

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