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A versatile resident lift for small care facilities

Key points
  • Proven battery-powered lifting technology controlled by a handset provides high standards of safety and comfort for both resident and carer.
  • The resident is comfortable and well supported throughout transfer procedures in the head and body support sling.
  • The chassis can be opened to provide better access around large chairs.

System integration
The Minstrel concept also includes the appropriate sling for resident and purpose. Sling solutions are available in a wide range of special purpose designs and sizes.

Making tasks easier and safer
This easy to use aid enables a carer to handle everyday lifting and transfers comfortable, safely and without stress. And in the event of a resident falling, Minstrel allows lifts from the floor by a single carer without having to sit the resident up.

Improving care and efficiency
As a general purpose lift, Minstrel is a good asset for small care facilities. Its user-friendliness and versatility encourage frequent and cost-effective utilisation.

Not for sale in the US

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