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Sara Plus

An advanced standing and raising aid
Sara Plus fulfils all the requirements of a Standing and Raising Aid, and offers something extra – its advanced patient support features promote mobility more than any other aid of this type.

It widens the range of residents who can enjoy mobility-activation benefits and can provide balance, stepping and walking training.

Key points

  • Design innovations in resident support collectively known as the Comfort Circle enable a single nurse to raise more residents than ever before into a standing position, comfortably and securely for stress-free dressing, toileting and transferring. Task-specific slings are used for standing and transfers.
  • The First-step system incorporating the Proactive Pad, a height-adjustable knee support, enables a range of training exercises directly on the floor.
  • Options include built-in electronic scale, commode seat and leg straps.

Enhancing lives
This aid can be used to raise quality of life by ensuring that existing mobility is used to the maximum in order to maintain the level for as long as possible.

Making tasks easier and safer
The handset of the battery-powered Sara Plus controls the raising and lowering action. Using Sara Plus eliminates manual handling from a range of daily routine tasks.

Improving care and efficiency
Sara Plus assists nurses and carers in efficiently moving and mobilising more residents and residents than ever before with a standing and raising aid. Operation by a single attendant for transfers and training means Sara Plus is a cost-effective investment for raising care standards.

Besides the basic Sara Plus standing sling range, a special type called Bos sling has been developed. Its purpose is to offer more support by pulling the residents buttocks inwards towards the lift. Residents will hence be standing in a more upright position which is more favourable for rehabilitation.

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