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Calypso PUR

Calypso with a new comfortable PUR seat
The Calypso is a lift hygiene chair that has been developed to prevent back injuries to nursing staff due to lifting or manual handling of residents. The new seat in PUR material is soft and comfortable. It is also easy to clean thanks to the one-piece construction of the seat.

With the Calypso, one carer can safely and comfortably transfer a resident who is able to sit upright, directly from bed to bath, shower or toilet and back again without any manual lifting or extra transfers. The Calypso integrates with all fixed and height adjustable baths from from ArjoHuntleigh.

Key points

  • Calypso is a battery-powered lift hygiene chair designed for easy operation with height-adjustment controlled via a handset.
  • This aid can also be used for toileting.
  • The one piece construction makes the PUR seat easy to clean and disinfect.
  • Options include leg rest, seat cushion and electronic scale.
  • The Calypso has double backrests with integrated handles.

System integrationCalypso integrates with height-adjustable baths and the Prelude shower cabinet.

Enhancing lives
Designed for semi-dependent residents, Calypso provides a good standard of comfortable support for stress-free bathing.

Making tasks easier and safer
Carers can use the Calypso to perform the bathing cycle and other hygiene tasks without manual lifting or extra transfers.

Improving care and efficiency
As a single carer can handle bathing and hygiene procedures, this maximises efficiency and also ensures personal one-to-one care for the resident.

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