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The ergonomic lift bath trolley with Power Drive

Key points

  • Miranti offers maximum powered assistance for the carer – Power Drive means the trolley can be driven and turned with the minimum of physical effort.
  • Powered height adjustment of the stretcher ensures correct working height, and the powered backrest means adjustments can be made without manual resident handling.
  • All powered functions including the central braking system are controlled via a handset.

System integration
Miranti integrates with ArjoHuntleigh height-adjustable baths, 1900 mm or longer.

Enhancing lives
Miranti can raise quality of life by providing easy access to a safer more comfortable bathing experience for dependent residents.

Making tasks easier and safer
The powered features and ergonomic design of Miranti enables the carer to perform the entire bathing cycle safely and easily, with minimum physical effort and no manual lifting.

Improving care and efficiency
Miranti provides the best support solution for bathing dependent residents, who might otherwise require labour-intensive and hazardous manual handling. As Miranti enables a single carer to perform routines with maximised powered support, the bathing cycle can be performed with the greatest possible efficiency.

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