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A reliable lift bath trolley for everyday routinesBolero™ is used for lifting, moving and bathing dependent residents. Using this lift bath trolley, the resident stays safely and comfortably on the stretcher during the whole bathing cycle.

Key points

  • Bolero is a battery-powered lift bath trolley with height-adjustment controlled via a handset.
  • Designed for easy operation, Bolero is highly manoeuvrable and also fitted with a straight steering device for corridors.
  • Options include a side rail and electronic scale.

System integrationBolero is compatible with from ArjoHuntleigh height-adjustable tubs.

Enhancing lives
By offering optimum support, Bolero enables them to gain maximum benefit from bathing sessions.

Making tasks easier and safer
With this lift bath trolley, a carer can safely bring dependent residents from bed to bath and back again without manual lifting or extra transfers.

Improving care and efficiency
Bolero can give dependent residents easy access to regular bathing. As one carer operating Bolero is able to manage the whole bathing cycle, the efficiency of this procedure is considerably enhanced.

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