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A highly flexible bathing system
is a bathing system designed to offer safe, comfortable conditions for independent or assisted bathing. This modular system offers a range of configurations optimised for different mobility levels.

Key points

  • The transfer seat unit is an important feature that provides secure access for assisted or independent bathing sessions.
  • With solutions tailored to specific mobility levels, the Malibu enables the resident to be as independent as possible.
  • Module addition or removal enables the system to be easily adapted to the increasing needs of the present user, or for a new resident.

System integration
Depending on the resident’s mobility level, a standing and raising aid (SARA 3000 and SARA Plus) or sling lift (Maxi Move, Maxi Twin) is an integral part of an optimal transfer solution.

Enhancing lives
provides a good environment for assisted bathing as well as helping many residents regain independence in the bathroom.

Making tasks easier and safer
Assisted bathing is safe and comfortable as the seat transfer unit eliminates the need for manual lifting, and the whole procedure is carried out using the handset control. With the height-adjustable module, the bath can always be adjusted to an ergonomically correct working height.

Improving care and efficiency
A single carer can efficiently perform assisted bathing routines. The fixed height bath/seat transfer configuration allows a greater range of residents access to safe independent bathing, thus freeing carers for other duties.

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