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The comfort bath with seat lift and contoured bottom
This bath combines a contoured bottom and reclining seat to offer residents a fully supported and relaxing bath. Available as a height-adjustable or fixed height tub, the system can be configured for assisted or independent bathing.

Key points

  • The transfer seat unit plays an important role in maximising resident independence, as it allows a wider range of residents, including some wheelchair users, to bathe unassisted.
  • As the innovative shape of the tub bottom supports the resident beneath their knees, this helps to relieve any pressure or pain.
  • The reclining seat maintains water depth around the resident’s body in a naturally relaxing position.

System integration
The best solution for assisted bathing is a height-adjustable bath fitted with a transfer seat unit. ArjoHuntleigh active lifts play an integral role in transfers to and from the Sovereign™ seat lift.

Enhancing lives
Sovereign provides a good environment for assisted bathing and also enables many semi-dependent residents to rediscover the pleasures of bathing in private.

Making tasks easier and safer
For assisted bathing, handset control of the height-adjustable tub and the built-in seat lift means safe, ergonomically sound procedures without the risks associated with manual handling.

Improving care and efficiency
A single carer can efficiently carry out assisted bathing sessions. The built-in seat lift of the Sovereign makes safe independent bathing available to a wider range of residents, which releases staff for other duties.

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