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Primo Ferro

The bathing system for treatment of burns and skin conditions
Primo Ferro™ is a height-adjustable bathing system designed to meet specialised needs for gentle resident handling.

It is particularly suitable for care facilities involved in the treatment of burns injuries or chronic skin conditions.

Key points

  • The system can be customised with a wide range of control, comfort and safety options such as digital temperature control, triple scalding protection and Auto-fill.
  • Its stainless steel chemical-resistant tub provides superior durability and a high standard of hygiene.
  • Therapy options include Hydromassage and Hydrosound.

System integration
The complete Primo Ferro concept includes integration with mobile lifting aids Alenti, Miranti, Bolero and Calypso to cover all resident mobility levels.

Enhancing lives
Primo Ferro can help in the specialist care of residents at all mobility levels.

Making tasks easier and safer
Specialist care can be provided in a working environment that is ergonomically sound and involves no manual lifting.

Improving care and efficiency
This system ensures the high-precision control of water temperature and other parameters needed for specialised treatment. It can be customised for facility-specific needs in order to maximise efficiency.

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