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As recognized leaders in the field of 24 hour pressure area care, ArjoHuntleigh has further developed the Seatec range of seating systems, utilising superior moulded foam technology enclosed within the latest advanced technical textile materials. Suitable for all care environments including wheelchair seating. For those with specific pressure area care needs, the product combines performance , aids pelvic stability and helps improve posture.

Effectiveness and comfort

The surface contouring and graduated cell profile creates a more uniform distribution of pressure, reducing the potential for tissue damage to occur. Sculpting of the cushion also provides a measure of pelvic control, lessening the likelihood of an individual sliding into a slouched position and concentrating pressure over the sacrum.

The degree of comfort provided by a support surface is a crucial element in its acceptability, and the properties of both the foam and the cover fabric are important in achieving this. The integral skin of moulded foam and shaped design ensure support where it is most needed, whilst the two way stretch cover minimises the risk of "hammocking"

Design Integrity

  • Researched design
  • Premium quality foam for performance and durability
  • Safety standards met for fire retardancy, strength and stability
  • Suitable for contract use
  • Stain resistant cover fabric

Customer service and support

  • Product choice
  • Training and educational support
  • Pressure Area Management helpline
  • Comprehensive Audit programme

Patient Protection

  • Pressure care all day, every day
  • Foam and cover properties include antimicrobial and fungistatic agents
  • Waterproof cover protects foam core
  • Cover fabric complies with Department of Health Infection Control Guidelines
  • Non slip cushion base
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