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The buttocks and sacrum are highly susceptible to tissue damage and are among the most common sites in which pressure ulcers can develop. Provision of appropriate seating can dramatically reduce the occurrence of pressure ulcers and as such should form a crucial part of any pressure area care policy.

The Airtech seating system unites sophisticated and innovative design to provide a product, which is both simple and effective in offering patient protection and comfort.

Key product requirements identified by clinicians, including the need for:

  • A stable seating surface
  • Comfort
  • Low weight
  • Easy care
  • Good aesthetics
  • Durability

have been combined with the world renowned ArjoHuntleigh (Huntleigh Healthcare) research and development skills and expertise in Pressure Area Management to develop the Airtech seating system.


The fluid like properties of air provide an ideal medium in which to envelop vulnerable bony prominences and maximize surface contact area in sitting.
Combined with the use of soft, pliable materials, this allows a high degree of conformity to be achieved, ensuring effective pressure reduction.

Comfort and Stability

A stable surface is essential to help maintain a good sitting position and independence. The unique AXIS cell structure contained within the AIRTECH seat pad creates a "baffle" effect to help contain the flow of air so that balance is not compromised.
Stability is further enhanced by the surface contouring which assists in maintaining an upright posture.

Ease of use: air adjustment

  • Pre set valve pressure to 40mmHg
  • Removes anxiety associated with over inflation
  • Simple to use

Ease of use: integrated pump

  • Complete system in one
  • Accessible and convenient
  • Effortless to operate
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