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The Oasis fluidised bead bed system is designed for individuals with critical care needs, not necessarily related to a pressure ulcer risk category. Injuries such as burns or other exudating wounds may benefit from air fluidised therapy by reducing skin maceration and helping to manage incontinence. The system also allows individuals to be repositioned more easily.

  • Air fluidised therapy - gives support by the use of dry fluid and with the generously proportioned filter sheet allows the patient to ‘float’ freely
  • Controllable Environment - bed can regulate the temperature at which the individual is nursed
  • A Clean Environment - maintained by the unique action of the beads and the filtered airflow. The key element is how the air fluidised bed manages exudate from wounds and other bodily excretions
  • Electrical Variable Height Adjustment between 830 - 1130mm
  • Detachable Control Unit - transportable and aids servicing or repair
  • Temperature Control - Integral warming and cooling system
  • Variable Fluidisation – Increases and decreases the airflow within the system. Allows acclimatisation for patient when ‘stepping down’ from air fluidisation therapy. Aids mobilisation
  • Multifilament Polyester Mesh 35 Micron Cover - Completely removable, washable, durable and soft. Fluid and air permeable
  • CPR within 10 seconds
  • Audible and Visual Alarm system
  • Hand and Foot Control
  • User Weight Limit - 150kg (24 stone)
  • Rental Only
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