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The Pentaflex overlay features a foam core made of high density foam which has excellent durable and recovery characteristics that provide long term product performance and extend product life.

The castellations of variable depths cover head, shoulder, torso, calves and heels – creating 5 zones of protection – maximising support and pressure reduction.

The smaller castellations in the specialised heel and head zone enhance pressure redistribution.

Individual cells move independently and contour to the body shape.

The firm edge walls aid patient safety and transfer.

Air channels between cells encourage circulation of air within mattress, reducing build-up of heat and moisture.

2-way turn: symmetrical design - can be used head to foot (vice versa).

With securing straps it can easily be fitted over any existing mattress replacement.

The overlay has an indicator on the cover which shows the correct way up.

It is provided with a protective two-way stretch, water resistant, vapour permeable cover.

The size of this overlay can be customised to your requirements.

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