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Nimbus Professional

The Nimbus® Professional system is the ultimate pressure redistributing mattress in the Nimbus range, offering best of class dynamic therapy and total patient management within any care setting. From Intensive Care to Extended Care across both Medical and Surgical ward settings, the Nimbus Professional system delivers a proven solution with the ability to uniquely customise the therapy surface to a range of patient management needs.


The Nimbus Professional system provides the same dual therapy and features as Nimbus 4 with the following unique additional features:

Head Section Deflate
The top 3 semi-dynamic cells can be deflated to remove pressure from beneath the head, or for
providing access to the head and neck for specialist nursing procedures (i.e. intubation, cannulation and feed support lines).

Torso Deflate
The sacral section of the mattress can be deflated to assist with nursing procedures including bed-chair transfer, physiotherapy, low-height patient egress and also specialised interventions such as C/D Arm imaging or X-ray provision.

Zoned Wound Valve Technology
Zoned Wound Valve Technology allows carers to selectively isolate any one of the 19 individual
cells under a patient’s body, providing complete and permanent pressure off-loading, making this
mattress the most adaptable support surface for the management of highly vulnerable areas such as grafts, burns, wounds, heels and ischaemic legs.

(Zoned Wound Valve Technology also facilitates the use of additional technologies such as topical
negative pressure therapy while not compromising the patient’s posture and comfort).


Auto-Matt sensor pad
The Auto-Matt sensor pad rests under the complete length of the mattress and works with the
automatic pump to provide constant re-adjustment of cell pressures keeping interface pressure under 10 mmHg for up to 40% of the operating cycle.

Total Heelguard
5 heel cells incorporate vent valve technology, allowing the carer to completely remove interface
pressure in this high risk area and providing `Zero Pressure` for the most vulnerable patients such as those with limb ischaemia or existing wounds.

Transport Facility
Mattress can be transformed from a powered support surface to a sealed static air mattress for up to 12 hours, providing a uniform stable surface for patient transportation, nursing procedures, moving & handling and to provide simple support during periods of power failure.

Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) / Rapid Air Deflate Release (RADR) is a quick release, single handed facility located on the mattress control port that enables rapid air deflation for emergencies, short term physiotherapy, moving and handling or storage.


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