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Nimbus 4

In clinical use for more than 20 years, Nimbus® Alternating Mattress Replacement Systems have consistently proven to be one of the most efficient, comfortable and cost effective pressure redistributing mattress replacements used across all care environments from critical and intensive care to nursing or private homecare.

The Nimbus mattress replacement range comprises of 2 systems; the Nimbus 4 and Nimbus Professional. Both systems provide effective alternating pressure relief combined with automatic adjustment to the weight, size and position of the individual, ensuring optimum pressure relief and comfort. The Nimbus range is suitable for treatment of all grades of pressure ulcer.

The Nimbus 4 system combines automatic adjustment of cell pressures, Heelguard™ and unique Vent Valve technology. Providing effective pressure relief and enhanced solutions to a wide range of patient management issues, the Nimbus 4 system can help reduce nursing time, improve patient and carer safety and provide clinical and cost effective outcomes.

Vapour permeable and water resistant 2-way stretch cover offers optimum pressure redistribution and comfort. This loose fitting top cover is attached to the mattress base by concealed zips to reduce ingress of unwanted fluids. The cover is also flame retardant, easy to clean and can be completely removed for laundering.

Modular construction
The mattress is made up of 20 deep ‘figure of 8’ designed cells to support patients up to 250 kg and provides the best possible pressure redistribution in either mode for all patient types and all stages of tissue damage.

Anti-sink torso section
Unique mattress design provides a 200 mm (8”) inflated cell height with Anti-Sink torso section supporting patients in lying or profiled positions which avoids the risk of bottoming out.

Dedicated mattress zone where bottom 5 cells provide lower pressures through use of unique power down straps, keeping pressure at the heel lower for longer.


Auto-Matt sensor pad
The Auto-Matt sensor pad rests under the complete length of the mattress and works with the automatic pump to provide constant re-adjustment of cell pressures keeping interface pressure under 10 mmHg for up to 40% of the operating cycle.

Total Heelguard
5 heel cells incorporate vent valve technology, allowing the carer to completely remove interface
pressure in this high risk area and providing `Zero Pressure` for the most vulnerable patients such as those with limb ischaemia or existing wounds.

Transport Facility
Mattress can be transformed from a powered support surface to a sealed static air mattress for up to 12 hours, providing a uniform stable surface for patient transportation, nursing procedures, moving & handling and to provide simple support during periods of power failure.

Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) / Rapid Air Deflate Release (RADR) is a quick release, single handed facility located on the mattress control port that enables rapid air deflation for emergencies, short term physiotherapy, moving and handling or storage.

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